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  • Michel Agier

    Michel Agier

    An anthropologist

  • Svetlana Aleksiévich

    Svetlana Aleksiévich

    • Ivano-Frankivsk (Belarus)

    Belarusian writer and journalist, 2015 Nobel Prize for Literature

  • Ash Amin

    Ash Amin

    • Kampala (Uganda)

    Professor of Geography at the University of Cambridge and vice-president of the British Academy

  • Louise Amoore

    Louise Amoore

    Working on issues of risk, economy and security at the Institute for Hazard and Risk Research

  • Xavier Antich

    Xavier Antich

    • La Seu d'Urgell (Spain)

    PhD in Philosophy, lecturer in Aesthetics and Theory of Art at the University of Girona and also director of the Master’s Degree in Communication and Criticism.

  • Anne Applebaum

    Anne Applebaum

    • Washington (United States of America)

    Writer, journalist and editorial counselor.

  • Maria Auböck

    Maria Auböck

    • Munich (Germany)

    Architect specialized in landscape architecture, tenure professor at the Academy of Fine Arts in Munich.

  • Paul Auster

    Paul Auster

    • Nueva York (EE.UU.)

    Writer, film director and scriptwriter.

  • Pedro Azara

    Pedro Azara

    (Bois-Colombes, Francia, 1955), Architect

  • Bruce Bégout

    Bruce Bégout

    • Bordeus (França)

    Philosopher and writer, one of the most renowmed current French thinkers.

  • Gjergj Bakallbashi

    Gjergj Bakallbashi

    • Tirana (Albania) / Munchen (Germany)

    Graduated from Harvard University School of Design, Former-Head of the Department of Urban Planning and Architecture at the Municipality of Tirana

  • Enric Batlle

    Enric Batlle

    • Barcelona (Spain)

    Architect, lecturer at the Polytechnic University of Catalonia and President of the prize jury in 2016.

  • Zygmunt Bauman

    Zygmunt Bauman

    • Poznan (Poland)

  • Ulrich Beck

    Ulrich Beck

    • Stolp (Germany)

    Professor of Sociology at the London School of Economics and Emeritus Professor of Sociology at the Ludwig Maximilian University of Munich.

  • Ulrich Beck

    Ulrich Beck

    Professor of Sociology at the Ludwig-Maximilian Universität in Munich since 1992

  • Sajia Begham

    Sajia Begham

    • Kabul (Afghanistan)

    Lawyer and women’s rights researcher.

  • Oriol Bohigas

    Oriol Bohigas

    • Barcelona (Spain)

    Architect and writer. President of the prize jury in 2000 and in 2004.

  • Luc Boltanski

    Luc Boltanski

    • París (França)

    Sociologist, writer and head of studies at the École des Hautes Études en Sciences Sociales in Paris.

  • Jordi Borja

    Jordi Borja

    Geographer and urban planner

  • Julie-Anne Boudreau

    Julie-Anne Boudreau

    A doctorate in Urban Studies from the School of Public and Social Research from the University of California

  • Ole Bouman

    Ole Bouman

    • Rotterdam (Netherlands)

    Architect. Member of the prize jury.

  • Joanna Bourke

    Joanna Bourke

    • Blenheim (New Zealand)

    Professor of History at Birkbeck College, University of London.

  • David Bravo i Bordas

    David Bravo i Bordas

    • Barcelona (Spain)

    Architect, secretary of the Jury of the European Prize for Urban Public Space.

  • Lindsay Bremner

    Lindsay Bremner

    Professor of Architecture at the University of Witwatersrand, Johannesburg

  • Richard Burdett

    Richard Burdett

    • Londres (Reino Unido) | @burdettr

    Professor of Urban Studies and director of the LSE Cities and the Urban Age Programme at the London School of Economics

  • Peter Burke

    Peter Burke

    • London (United Kingdom)

    Historian and writer

  • Himanshu Burte

    Himanshu Burte

    An architect by profession

  • Judith Butler

    Judith Butler

    • Berkeley (United States of America)

    Philospher, Maxine Elliot Professor in the Department of Comparative Literature and the Program of Critical Theory at the University of California, Berkeley.

  • Lydia Cacho

    Lydia Cacho

    • Ciutat de Mèxic (Mèxic) | @lydiacachosi

    Journalist, writer and aactivist, who is internationally renowned for her struggle to defend human rights and to combat abuses against children and women

  • Peter Cachola Schmal

    Peter Cachola Schmal

    • Frankfurt am Main (Germany)

    Architect and architecture critic. Director of the German Architecture Museum (DAM) and member of the jury.

  • Teresa Caldeira

    Teresa Caldeira

    • Berkeley (United States of America)

    Anthropologist and Professor of City and Regional Planning at the University of California, Berkeley.

  • Salvador Cardús

    Salvador Cardús

    • Barcelona | @salvadorcardus


  • Angharad Closs

    Angharad Closs

    With a doctorate from the Institute for Political and International Studies at Keele University

  • Patrick Cockburn

    Patrick Cockburn

    • County Cork (Ireland)

    Journalist, The Independent's Middle East correspondent

  • Jean-Louis Cohen

    Jean-Louis Cohen

    Architect and Director of the Institut Français d´Architecture, Paris

  • Daniela Colafranceschi

    Daniela Colafranceschi

    • Catanzaro (Italy)

    Architect, Professor of Landscape Architecture at the Università Mediterranea di Reggio Calabria and a member of the Expert Committee of the European Prize for Urban Public Space since the 2010 edition.

  • Teddy Cruz

    Teddy Cruz

    Architect and lecturer in urbanism at the University of California, San Diego

  • Manuel Cruz

    Manuel Cruz

    Professor of Contemporary Philosophy at the University of Barcelona

  • Dana Cuff

    Dana Cuff

    Professor of Architecture and Urban Design at the University of California, Los Angeles

  • Salma Dalmuji

    Salma Dalmuji


  • Diane Davis

    Diane Davis

    • Boston (Estats Units d'Amèrica)

    Sociologist and geograph, Charles Dyer Norton Professor of Regional Planning and Urbanism at Harvard University.

  • Erri de Luca

    Erri de Luca

    • Naples (Italy)

    Poet, writer, translator and former leader of the far-left movement Lotta Continua.

  • Manuel de Solà-Morales

    Manuel de Solà-Morales

    • Barcelona (Spain)

    Architect. President of the prize jury in 2008.

  • Georges Didi-Huberman

    Georges Didi-Huberman

    • Paris (France)

    Philosopher and art historian

  • Keller Easterling

    Keller Easterling

    An architect and professor at the Yale School of Architecture

  • Alejandro Echeverri

    Alejandro Echeverri

    • Medellín (Colòmbia) | @CachoEcheverri

    Architect and urban planner, director of the Centre for Urban and Environmental Studies (Urbam) at EAFIT University.

  • Carolin Emcke

    Carolin Emcke

    • Berlin (Germany)

    Journalist and philosopher

  • Ulrike Engel

    Ulrike Engel

    With a degree in Art History and Architecture from the Martin-Luther-University (Saale) and the Technical University (Berlin)

  • Antonio Font

    Antonio Font

    • Barcelona (Spain)

    Professor of Urban Planning at the Vallès School of Architecture (ETSAV)

  • Manuel Forcano

    Manuel Forcano

    • Barcelona

    Poet and translator

  • Nancy Fraser

    Nancy Fraser

    • Baltimore (USA)

    Nancy Fraser, political scientist, philosopher, and Henry A. and Louise Loeb Professor of Political and Social Science at The New School for Social Research, New York.

  • Frank Furedi

    Frank Furedi

    Professor of Sociology at the University of Kent

  • Josep Fuses

    Josep Fuses

    • Barcelona (Espanya)

    Architect and Coordinator of Architectural Studies at the Polytechnic School of the University of Girona (UdG).

  • Pete Fussey

    Pete Fussey

    • London (United Kingdom) | @PeteFussey

    Pete Fussey is a criminologist and Professor of Sociology in the prestigious Department of Sociology at the University of Essex (United Kingdom).

  • Gemma Galdón

    Gemma Galdón

    • Barcelona (Espanya) | @GemmaGaldon

    Security researcher and professor on Technology and Society at the University of Barcelona and coordinator of the Observatory of Resistance and Subcultures (RiSc).

  • Marina Garcés

    Marina Garcés

    • Barcelona (Espanya) | @MarinaGarces

    Philosopher, tenured lecturer at the University of Zaragoza and coordinator of “Espai en Blanc" (Blank Space) a collective initiative aiming at a committed, practical and experimental relationship with philosophical thinking.

  • Albert García Espuche

    Albert García Espuche

    • Barcelona (Spain)

     Architect and historian. Member of the prize jury.

  • Jan Gehl

    Jan Gehl

    • Copenhagen (Denmark)

    Architect and urbanist. Member of the prize jury.

  • Bronislaw Geremek

    Bronislaw Geremek

    (1932-2008). Professor of European Civilisation at the College of Europe (Natolin Campus, Warsaw)

  • Masha Gessen

    Masha Gessen

    • Moscow (Russia)

    Russian-American journalist, writer and activist

  • Kathrin Golda-Pongratz

    Kathrin Golda-Pongratz

    • Barcelona (Spain)

    Architect, professor of International Urban Planning at the University of Applied Sciences in Frankfurt, a member of Academia Europaea and a member of the Expert Committee of the Prize

  • Stephen Graham

    Stephen Graham

    Professor of Human Geography at University of Durham (UK)

  • Frédéric Gros

    Frédéric Gros

    • Paris (France)

    Professor of Philosophy at the Paris-Est Créteil Val-de-Marne University and of Political Thought at the Institute of Political Studies (Sciences-Po) in Paris.

  • Montserrat Guibernau

    Montserrat Guibernau

    • Londres (Regne Unit)

    Professor of Political Science

  • Hakan Günday

    Hakan Günday

    • Istanbul (Turkey)


  • Peter Hall

    Peter Hall

    Professor of Urban Planning at the Bartlett School of Architecture and Planning, University College, London.

  • Philip Hoare

    Philip Hoare

    • Southampton (United Kingdom)

    Writer and professor of Creative Writing at the University of Southampton.

  • Eric Hobsbawm

    Eric Hobsbawm

    (Alexandria, 1917). Professor Emeritus of Social and Economic History at Birkbeck College, University of London.

  • James Holston

    James Holston

    Professor in the Department of Anthropology at the University of San Diego, California

  • Axel Honneth

    Axel Honneth

    • Essen (Germany)

    Philosopher, sociologist and director of the Institut für Sozialforschung at the University of Frankfurt

  • Srećko Horvat

    Srećko Horvat

    • Osijek (Croatia)

    Philosopher, author and political activist

  • Gus Hosein

    Gus Hosein

    • Londres (Regne Unit) | @GusHosein

    Lawyer and director of Privacy International.

  • Hans Ibelings

    Hans Ibelings

    • Amsterdam (Netherlands)

    Architecture critic and historian. Member of the jury and, previously, of the expert committee of the Prize.

  • Sarah Ichioka

    Sarah Ichioka

    • London (United Kingdom)

    Urbanist. Member of the prize jury.

  • Richard Ingersoll

    Richard Ingersoll

    An architect with a doctorate from the University of Berkeley (California)

  • Owen Jones

    Owen Jones

    • Sheffield (United Kingdom)

    Journalist, columnist for The Guardian and writer.

  • Jorge Mario Jáuregui

    Jorge Mario Jáuregui

    An architect and urban planner

  • Ira Katznelson 

    Ira Katznelson 

    • Nova York (Estats Units d'Amèrica)

    Americanist, Political Scientist and Historian, Ruggles Professor of Political Science and History at Columbia University.

  • Juulia Kauste

    Juulia Kauste

    • Helsinki (Finland)

    Sociologist and art historian. Member of the prize jury.

  • Thomas Keenan

    Thomas Keenan

    He is Professor of History of the Mass Media and Comparative Literature

  • Samir Khalaf

    Samir Khalaf

    Professor of Sociology at the American University

  • Michael Kimmelman

    Michael Kimmelman

    • New York (United States of America)

    Essayist and journalist

  • Francisco R. Klauser

    Francisco R. Klauser

    A researcher and member of the Institute for Hazard and Risk Research at Durham University

  • Juan José Lahuerta

    Juan José Lahuerta

    • Barcelona (Spain)

    Architect, head of collections at the National Museum of Art of Catalonia (MNAC), member of the Collegio Docenti della Scuola Dottorati del Istituto Universitario di Architettura (IUAV) of Venice and also holder of the King Juan Carlos I Chair of Spanish Culture and Civilization at New York University (NYU).

  • Juan Marsé

    Juan Marsé

    • Barcelona, Spain

    Novelist, journalist and screenplay writer.

  • Michela Marzano

    Michela Marzano

    • Roma (Italy)

    Philosopher, writer and politician.

  • Doreen Massey

    Doreen Massey

    • Manchester (United Kingdom)

    Writer and emeritus professor at the Open University.

  • Jorge Melguizo

    Jorge Melguizo

    • Medellín (Colombia) | @JorgeMelguizo

    Political consultant.

  • Xavier Monteys

    Xavier Monteys

    • Barcelona (Espanya) | @XMonteys

    Architect and architecture critic, Professor of Architectural Design at the Barcelona School of Architecture (ETSAB).

  • Evgeny Morozov

    Evgeny Morozov

    • Nova York (Estats Units) | @EvgenyMorozov

    Essayist, researcher on social and political effects of new technologies.

  • Francesc Muñoz

    Francesc Muñoz

    • Barcelona (Spain)

    Professor of Urban Geography at Universitat Autònoma of Barcelona

  • Moisés Naím

    Moisés Naím

    • Caracas (Venezuela) | @MoisesNaim

    Analyst of the international economy and politics

  • Deborah Natsios

    Deborah Natsios

    Director of Natsios Young Architects in New York

  • Shimon Naveh

    Shimon Naveh

    Director of the Operational Theory Research Institute of the National Defence College of Israel

  • Oriol Nel·lo

    Oriol Nel·lo

    • Barcelona (Espanya)

  • Joan Nogué

    Joan Nogué

    • Girona (Espanya)

    Professor of Human Geography at the University of Girona and director of the Landscape Observatory of Catalonia.

  • Shane O'Toole

    Shane O'Toole

    • Kilkenny (Irlanda)

    Historian and architecture critic, member of the Expert Committee of the European Prize for Urban Public Space since the 2012 edition.

  • Lluís Ortega

    Lluís Ortega

    An architect and director of the review Quaderns

  • Javier Pérez Andújar

    Javier Pérez Andújar

    • Sant Adrià del Besós (Espanya) | @AnduJavierPerez

    Writer and philologist

  • Ewa P. Porębska

    Ewa P. Porębska

    • Warszawa (Poland)

    Architect and architecture critic. Member of the prize jury and expert committee.

  • Jeremy Packer

    Jeremy Packer

    Associate professor in the School for Communication at the University of Pennsylvania

  • José Luis Pardo

    José Luis Pardo

    Professor at the Complutense University of Madrid

  • Guillermo Peñalosa

    Guillermo Peñalosa

    • Montreal (Canadá)

    City advisor

  • Jelena Prokopljević

    Jelena Prokopljević

    • Barcelona (Spain)

    Serbian architect and researcher living in Barcelona, member of the Expert Committee of the European Prize for Urban Public Space since the 2014 edition.

  • Jordi Puntí

    Jordi Puntí

    (Manlleu, 1967). A writer and regular commentator for Catalunya Ràdio, El Periódico and L’Avenç

  • Rasheed Rahman

    Rasheed Rahman

    (Lahore, 1948). One of Pakistan’s most outstanding journalists

  • Francis Rambert

    Francis Rambert

    • Paris (France)

    Architect. Head of the Architectural Creation Department at the Cité de l’Architecture et du Patrimoine. Member of the prize jury.

  • Josep Ramoneda

    Josep Ramoneda

    • Barcelona (España)

    Journalist, philosopher and writer, a regular columnist in the newspaper El País and commentator on the radio station Cadena Ser and director of the Centre of Contemporary Culture of Barcelona from 1994 to 2011.

  • Vyjayanthi Rao

    Vyjayanthi Rao

    She received her PhD in Anthropology from the University of Chicago

  • Carme Ribas

    Carme Ribas

    • Barcelona (Spain)

    Architect, Manager of the Besòs Consortium, President and Secretary of the prize jury in 2014 and 2006, respectively.

  • Katharina Ritter

    Katharina Ritter

    • Wien (Austria)

    Programme coordinator at the Architekturzentrum Wien. Member of the prize jury.

  • Eduard Riu-Barrera

    Eduard Riu-Barrera


  • Raquel Rolnik

    Raquel Rolnik

    • Salvador de Bahia (Brazil)

    Professor, architect and urban planner

  • Xavier Rubert de Ventós

    Xavier Rubert de Ventós

    (Barcelona, 1939) Professor of Aesthetics at the Escola d’Arquitectura of Barcelona

  • Pere Saborit

    Pere Saborit

    Lecturer in Philosophy in the Humanities Faculty at the Open University of Catalonia and the Banús Secondary School

  • Saskia Sassen

    Saskia Sassen

    • New York (United States of America)

    Sociologist, Robert S. Lynd Professor of Sociology at Columbia University, New York.

  • Donald Sassoon

    Donald Sassoon

    (Cairo). Professor of Comparative European History at Queen Mary, University of London.

  • Marta Segarra

    Marta Segarra

    • Barcelona (Spain)

    Marta Segarra is professor of French Literature and Gender Studies at the University of Barcelona.

  • Jorge Semprún

    Jorge Semprún

    (Madrid, 1923) Writer and philosopher

  • Richard Sennett

    Richard Sennett

    • New York (United States of America)

    Sociologist and writer, professor at the London School of Economics (LSE)

  • Olga Sezneva

    Olga Sezneva

    • Saint Petersburg (Russia) 

    Urban sociologist,  Professor of Urban Studies at European University -St. Petersburg, and a member of the Expert Committee of the European Prize for Urban Public Space since 2016

  • Elif Shafak

    Elif Shafak

    • Strasbourg (France)

    Writer and PhD in Philosophy

  • Kamila Shamsie

    Kamila Shamsie

    • London (United Kingdom) | @KamilaShamsie

    Writer of Pakistani origin who has published seven novels and who won the Prime Minister's Award for Literature of Pakistan.

  • Daryush Shayegan

    Daryush Shayegan

    An essayist and philosopher

  • Bashkim Shehu

    Bashkim Shehu

    • Barcelona (Spain)

    Albanian writer and translator,  and member of the Expert Committee of the European Prize for Urban Public Space 

  • David Simon

    David Simon

    • Cape Town (South Africa)

    Director of Mistra Urban Futures and Professor of Development Geography

  • AbdouMaliq Simone

    AbdouMaliq Simone

    Professor of Sociology at Goldsmith College of the University of London

  • Iain Sinclair

    Iain Sinclair

    • Londres (Regne Unit)

    British writer and film-maker.

  • Eyal Sivan

    Eyal Sivan

    An Israeli film director and producer and essayist

  • Peter Sloterdijk

    Peter Sloterdijk

    Regarded as one of one of Germany’s most important post-war philosophers

  • Michael Sorkin

    Michael Sorkin

    An architect, he teaches at the Cooper Union School of Architecture, New York

  • Eusebio Leal Spengler

    Eusebio Leal Spengler

    With a doctorate in History from the University of Havana

  • Guy Standing

    Guy Standing

    • Londres, Regne Unit

    Economist, Professor of Development Studies at the School of Oriental and African Studies, London University

  • Shirley Steinberg

    Shirley Steinberg

    • Calgary (Canada)

    Research Professor of Youth Studies at the University of Calgary

  • Dietmar Steiner

    Dietmar Steiner

    • Wien (Austria)

    Architect and former director of the Architekturzentrum Wien. Member of the prize jury.

  • Bo Stråth

    Bo Stråth

    • Helsinki (Finland)

    Emeritus Professor of Nordic, European and World History, and Research Director at the Centre of Nordic Studies at the University of Helsinki.

  • Nadia Urbinati

    Nadia Urbinati

    • New York (United States of America)

    Political Theorist

  • John Urry

    John Urry

    • Lancaster (United Kingdom) | @JohnUrry

    Economist, Professor of Sociology and Director of the Centre for Mobilities Research at Lancaster University.

  • Gijs Van Oenen

    Gijs Van Oenen

    A political scientist and lecturer in Philosophy of Law at the Erasmus University of Rotterdam

  • Jean-Paul Vanderlinden

    Jean-Paul Vanderlinden

    • Versailles (France)

    Professor in Ecological Economics and Environmental Studies

  • Rafael Vila-sanjuán

    Rafael Vila-sanjuán

    An assistant managing director at the CCCB

  • Eick Volker

    Eick Volker

    A political scientist, he works at the John F. Kennedy Institute of the Free University in Berlin

  • Peter Wagner

    Peter Wagner

    • Barcelona (Espanya)

    Political Scientist, holds a Phd from the Free University of Berlin. He is the director of the international research group TRAMOD, "Trajectories of Modernity: Comparison of European and Non-European Varieties", in the University of Barcelona.

  • Eyal Weizman

    Eyal Weizman

    Architect and director of the research agency Forensic Architecture

  • Adam Zagajewski

    Adam Zagajewski

    • Krakow (Poland)

    Poet, novelist and essayist

  • Viktor Zotov

    Viktor Zotov

    • Kiev (Ukraine)

    Architect, chief architect of bureau Zotov&Co, founder of International Architecture Festival CANactions and CANactions School for Urban Studies
    Member of the Expert Committee of the Prize

  • Sharon Zukin

    Sharon Zukin

    Professor of Sociology at the Columbia University of New York

  • Matevž Čelik

    Matevž Čelik

    • Ljubljana (Slovenia)

    Architect. Director of the Architecture and Design Museum of Ljubljana and member of the prize jury.