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    Thinking Mobility to Transform Society

    The European Mobility Week 2018 celebrates its seventeenth edition from 16 to 22 September, with the purpose of making cities more habitable and respectful of the environment by promoting forms of transport which reduce pollution and recovering streets for citizens.

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    Cuypers passage as an urban interior

    The Cuypers Passage is an underpass that offers the shortest connection for cyclists, and pedestrians, between Amsterdam’s historic centre and the waterfront and the ferries to Amsterdam North. Put his way, it is just another regular piece of infrastructure that eliminates what Dutch cyclists like the least, which is being forced to make a detour. But the tunnel is not only the desired shortcut but also a remarkably dignified space.

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    The square, the power, the citizenship

    Skanderbeg Square is in the centre of Tirana, the capital of Albania. And it is rather more than a square since it is a kind of mirror which reflects the history of the country and also one where Albanian society can see itself.


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Highlighted works

  • Zollverein Park

    Zollverein Park

    Essen (Germany), 2019

    After two decades of work, an old mining operation which was closed at the end of the twentieth century and subsequently declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site is now a large park combining industrial archaeology, green landscape, leisure installations, and cultural facilities.

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    Dnipro (Ukraine), 2017

    Several cultural groups of musicians, poets, and visual artists organise to carry out a temporary renovation of a Stalinist-era amphitheatre in the city’s central park by means of crowdfunding, collaborative design, and “self-construction” teamwork.

  • Cuyperspassage


    Amsterdam (Netherlands), 2016

    A new underground tunnel, more than a hundred metres long and decorated with Delft Blue tiles representing fragments of Dutch naval history, provides cyclists and pedestrians with a connection from the old city centre to quays on the IJ River waterfront.

  • Renovation of Skanderbeg Square

    Renovation of Skanderbeg Square

    Tirana (Albania), 2017

    The main square of Tirana has been renovated with multi-coloured paving made with stones from different parts of the country.

  • PC Caritas

    PC Caritas

    Melle (Belgium), 2016

    Somewhere between a closed building and open space, an old psychiatric hospital pavilion has been partially saved from demolition to offer a peaceful refuge for patients, their families, and people walking in the public park surrounding it.

  • Poblenou "Superblock"

    Poblenou "Superblock"

    Barcelona (Spain), 2017

    A series of tactical urbanism operations has pedestrianised a “superblock”—nine blocks in the grid-designed Eixample district—in a pilot test of a future large-scale strategy for reclaiming public space from private vehicles and making it available for public transport, bicycles and pedestrians.