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    The Resilient Metropolis

    Third session "Barcelona Tomorrow"

    The third session of the “Barcelona Tomorrow” process looks at two of today’s major challenges: the climate emergency and urban health. Follow the event online here

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    Reading Manuel de Solà-Morales

    Conversation with Llàtzer Moix and Oriol Clos

    The architect Oriol Clos and journalist Llàtzer Moix speak at the CCCB about the intellectual legacy of Manuel de Solà-Morales on the occasion of the publication of the book  Miradas sobre la ciudad  (Views on the City – Acantilado, 2021), which brings together a selection of his best theoretical texts.

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    The Smart Metropolis

    Second session "Barcelona Tomorrow"

    On the second session of “Barcelona Tomorrow”, we will reflect on innovation, digitalisation and culture as drivers of the future metropolis.

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Highlighted works

  • "The Three Islands"

    "The Three Islands"

    Copenhagen (Denmark), 2013

    Three floating platforms placed on the Ørestad canal offer local residents leisure spaces on a human scale while also establishing three iconic landmarks giving the new district its own identity.

  • “Fountain hacks”

    “Fountain hacks”

    Guimarães (Portugal), 2012

    Several public fountains undergo temporary changes making them accessible and welcoming so that people dare to occupy them in a playful, festive spirit.

  • Temporary Pool at Verona Street

    Temporary Pool at Verona Street

    Bucharest (Romania), 2012

    In the three days of a summer festival, a street normally occupied by cars becomes home to a swimming pool made from rented pallets and waterproof canvas so that residents can enjoy having contact with water.