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  • Foto Network of Footpaths and Cycling Routes on Cape Santa Pola

    Network of Footpaths and Cycling Routes on Cape Santa Pola

    Santa Pola (Spain), 2015

    A network of paths and bridges for walkers and cyclists has rescued from deterioration and neglect historical sites and natural areas on the rocky massif separating the town of Santa Pola from the Gran Alacant residential area.

  • Foto Protection Building of the Genovés Park

    Protection Building of the Genovés Park

    Cádiz (Spain), 2015

    A seafront esplanade invaded by parked cars is replaced by an elongated building that shelters the Genovés park from winds, while containing public bathrooms, changing rooms and cultural facilities and featuring an elevated viewpoint overlooking the bay of Cadiz.

  • Foto Temporary Refurbishment of “Spanish House”

    Temporary Refurbishment of “Spanish House”

    Belgrade (Serbia), 2013

    Students, experts, artists, activists and local residents temporarily take over a ruined building and work together to improve the Savamala neighbourhood.

  • Foto Riu Sec Square and La Farigola footbridge

    Riu Sec Square and La Farigola footbridge

    Cerdanyola del Vallès (Spain), 2013

    The installation of a lift and footbridge provides a way of crossing the barrier created by the topography and the railway line which cut off the neighbourhood of La Farigola from the rest of the municipality.

  • Foto

    "Baana": pedestrian and bicycle corridor

    Helsinki (Finland), 2012

    A deep railway cutting which slices through the urban fabric has been converted into a pedestrian and bicycle corridor in a resource-saving collaborative process that also respects the memory of an industrial past.

  • Foto “Otets Paisiy” Temporary Library

    “Otets Paisiy” Temporary Library

    Plovdiv (Bulgaria), 2011

    A disused trolley bus is converted into a mobile library.

  • Foto Photovoltaic Canopy

    Photovoltaic Canopy

    Figueres (Spain), 2011

    A large cover equipped with photovoltaic plaques provides shelter for a range of civic activities including the weekly market, gatherings and concerts.

  • Foto Sacred Art Museum and España Square

    Sacred Art Museum and España Square

    Adeje (Spain), 2011

    The new Museum of Sacred Art takes advantage of its uneven site on the edge of a gorge to provide a flat roof which doubles as a square and lookout in the old town centre.

  • Foto

    "The Barley Field"

    Madrid (Spain), 2010

    Residents of the La Latina neighbourhood take over a site earmarked for the construction of a public facility, converting it into a meeting place for a wide-ranging series of events including inflatable pools, open-air cinema and neighbourhood breakfasts.