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    Utrecht (Netherlands), 2020

    Restoration of Catharijnesingel removes vehicular traffic and brigns back water to rewild a new public space for the city and make it accessible for cyclists and pedestrians. 

    Developer: Gemeente Utrecht
    Authors: OKRA Landschapsarchitecten


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    Brussels (Belgium), 2021

    Flow, designed and built with the participation of fifty young people, is the first open-air swimming pool to be constructed in Brussels in forty years.

    Developer: POOL IS COOL
    Authors: Jozef Wouters, Pool is cool

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    Lund (Sweden), 2021

    Lund Cathedral decided to use its properties to develop a public space that would be an alternative to the logic of rapid urbanisation in its surroundings.

    Developer: Lunds Domkyrka (Lund Cathedral)
    Authors: Price & Myers, Brendeland & Kristoffersen Architects

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    Gardens of Sporta pils

    Riga (Latvia), 2021

    A grassroots initiative for recovering an abandoned site becomes a new system, a model of public space that combines productive logics and non-domesticated nature as a new community space.

    Developer: Artilērijas dārzi
    Authors: Artilērijas dārzi

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    Saint Sernin Square

    Toulouse (France), 2020

    The removal of an open-air carpark becomes an occasion to restore eminence to place Saint-Sernin, Toulouse, by bringing back trees as the predominant feature of the vertical condition of the public space and establishing an area that can accommodate a range of public uses.

    Developer: Toulouse Métropole
    Authors: BAU (Joan Busquets, Pieter-Jan Versluys), MDP (Michel Desvigne), LEA, EGIS

Selected Works

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    Thermal fountains in Baden and Ennetbaden

    Baden (Switzerland), 2021

    Two natural springs are turned into facilities for recovering a thermal baths area as public space in the city.

    Developer: Stadt Baden, Ortsbürgergemeinde, Gemeinde Ennetbaden
    Authors: Bagni Popolari Association

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    Gare Maritime

    Brussels (Belgium), 2020

    This restoration of the maritime station reopens it to the public with a series of wooden pavilions and multiuse spaces organised as an interior city.

    Developer: Nextensa
    Authors: Jan de Moffarts, OMGEVING, Sweco | Boydens engineering, NEY & Partners, Bureau Bouwtechniek, Neutelings Riedijk Architects

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    Bucharest (Romania), 2019

    This project is a support facility for homeless people, with mechanisms that will avoid segregation by negotiationg between the street and the space of reception and shelter. 

    Developer: Ordinul Arhitectilor din Romania
    Authors: Atelier Ad Hoc Arhitectura

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    Cycling and pedestrian connection path

    Esplugues de Llobregat (Spain), 2018

    The new cycling and pedestrian connection, together with a landscape project, rewild the space around infrastructure and, eliminating a barrier that has been present for the last 60 years, equip a new space for meeting and association.

    Developer: AMB (Area Metropolitana de Barcelona)
    Authors: Batlleiroig

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    Girona's Shores

    Girona (Spain), 2021

    A series of projects and initiatives recover, develop, and manage Girona’s neglected peri-urban spaces, to transform them into green infrastructure.

    Developer: Ajuntament de Girona
    Authors: Martí Franch Batllori

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    Ljubljana (Slovenia), 2021

    This project, a model for the temporary reuse of an abandoned site of 4,000m², becomes an urban laboratory for coexistence with nature.

    Developer: PiNA - Kulturno izobraževalno društvo, Ministrstvo za pravosodje
    Authors: Prostorož, Trajna, Društvo za permakulturo Slovenije, Agrodivizija, Abandoned Plants Sanctuary, Rok Oblak, John Buscarino

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    Kiosk Outsider

    Ljubljana (Slovenia), 2021

    A small urban kiosk, designed by Jože Plečnik is recovered as an appealing space and stimulus for self-organised public programmes, thus demonstrating the power of good architecture and design when bringing together cultural initiatives around them, and becoming part of the collective imaginary

    Developer: Outsider Magazine
    Authors: Outsider Magazine (Nina & Matevz Granda)

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    Anna Gardens in the Fuzja development

    Lodz (Poland), 2021

    This project recovers space resulting from the demolition of disused elements of an industrial site in order to favour refurbishment of others of great architectural value.

    Developer: ECHO Investment
    Authors: Medusa Group

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    Ruskin Square

    London (United Kingdom), 2018

    This project reflects the challenges and opportunities of public space by integrating programmatic and landscaping needs, as well as showing an ability to serve the social diversity of the place.

    Developer: Croydon Gateway Limited Partnership
    Authors: muf architecture/art, J & L Gibbons

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    Reconstruction of Koliivshchyny square

    Lviv (Ukraine), 2021

    The restoration of this square has produced both a space for memory and an everyday meeting place.

    Developer: Department of Historic Environment Protection of Lviv City Council
    Authors: Urban Ideas / RUTHENIA

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    Exchanging Rooms: Can Sau, Conill and Carme squares

    Olot (Spain), 2021

    This project brings new life to the urban fabric by means of an intervention that creates a civic space of a playful nature, with a touch of theatre.

    Developer: Ajuntament d'Olot, L'Artiga Coop, Escola d'Art d'Olot
    Authors: unparelld'arquitectes (Eduard Callís, Guillem Moliner)

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    University of Law Paris I, Modernisation of the Lourcine barracks

    Paris (France), 2019

    The new area shows the potential of any quality public space project for providing a meeting place by constructing a new urban landscape.

    Developer: Epaurif
    Authors: ChartierDalix, D&H Paysages

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    Clichy Batignolles - Martin Luther King Park

    Paris (France), 2021

    A new park in a neighbourhood that has grown around an old railway station platform brings new life to the public sphere through an exemplary deployment of several ecosystems, use of water, and a range of facilities for activities and sports.

    Developer: Direction des Espaces Verts et de l'Environnement de la Ville de Paris

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    Local Activity Center

    Rybnik (Poland), 2019

    This space, which activates and gives visibility to the surrounding community, which mostly consists of single-family homes, provides support for many activities, and also equips a zone that is eligible for community takeover.

    Developer: Urząd Miasta Rybnik
    Authors: Marlena Wolnik - MWArchitekci

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    Renaturalization of Llobregat river in its passage through Sallent

    Sallent de Llobregat (Spain), 2020

    Rewilding an industrial zone in Sallent recovers the river and its relationship with the town.

    Developer: Ajuntament de Sallent de Llobregat
    Authors: Sergio Sangalli Borrego, Roser Garcia Llidó, Eduard, Álvaro Alcázar Del Águila

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    Albanian Carpet

    Shkodër (Albania), 2020

    This project restores for pedestrians the waterfront of Lake Shkodra, in the first phase of an ambitious plan for rewilding and encouraging new appreciation of this lakeshore area

    Developer: Fondi Shqiptar i Zhvillimit
    Authors: Casanova + Hernandez Architects

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    Fahle Gallery Street

    Tallinn (Estonia), 2021

    The project of recovery of a space between factories as a new covered passageway for breathing new life into an abandoned industrial zone includes interior vegetation to achieve an urban microclimate that welcomes citizens.

    Developer: Fausto Capital
    Authors: Kino Maastikuarhitektid

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    Tilburg (Netherlands), 2019

    A new urban park resulting from interaction between the community of Tilburg and a multidisciplinary team becomes an example of civic participation in defining a large-scale public space.

    Developer: Spoorpark Foundation including the nine citizens' initiators, Municipality of Tilburg
    Authors: KruitKok Landschapsarchitecten, Blom&Moors , Timmermans Architecture

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    Bakalarska Marketplace

    Warsaw (Poland), 2021

    This project allows more than 500 small businesspeople of over 20 nationalities to consolidate their activity and avert their disappearance, by means of a design that enhances spatial organisation and strengthens the area’s character as a marketplace.

    Developer: Spolka Nasz Rynek
    Authors: Aleksandra Wasilkowska

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    Zurich (Switzerland), 2021

    This transformation of an industrial area into a residential complex constructs a network of passages and interior gardens that extend the biodiversity of the zone and reduce the impact of urban heat.

    Developer: Leutschenbach AG, Nyffenegger Immobilien AG
    Authors: mavo Landschaften