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25 April - 4 June 2014

Barcelona: first venue of the “Shared Cities” itinerant exhibition

Centre de Cultura Contemporània de Barcelona

The exhibition, which shows the results of the eighth award of the Prize, will be open to the public at the CCCB until 4 June.

The award-giving ceremony for the European Prize for Urban Public Space 2014, which was held last Friday 24 April in the Main Hall of the Centre of Contemporary Culture of Barcelona (CCCB), concluded with the opening of the “Shared Cities” exhibition. The exhibition shows the nature of and elements comprising the works presented for the eighth award of the Prize. A series of panels in the central section show the prize-winning works, those that have received a Special Mention and the finalists. Either side, the other entries among the 274 that were presented from all over Europe can be consulted individually. In another space, the exhibition also offers audiovisual content in the form of statements made in “Shared Spaces”, which is a permanent feature of our web page. This consists of brief interviews with well-known figures from the domains of architecture, science and the humanities who describe their experiences with and thoughts on public space.

Once it has closed at the CCCB, “Shared Cities” will begin a tour that will take it to several cities of Europe and the Americas, as occurred with its precursors. The exhibition has been designed and produced in such a way that transporting it is uncomplicated and inexpensive. All the pieces comprising it can be folded, unfolded and stored in a trunk, which makes moving it much easier and greatly reduces transport costs. It is very adaptable in terms of mounting and it fits into all kinds of different architectural spaces. This wide range of possible types of venue means that reflection on and discussion about public space can take place in the greatest possible number of places.

The exhibition will be open to the public, free of charge, in the Main Hall of the Centre of Contemporary Culture of Barcelona until 4 June 2014.


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