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10 July - 26 September 2015

The European Prize for Urban Public Space returns to Prague (Czech Republic)

Jaroslav Fragner Gallery

The “Shared Cities” exhibition showing projects from the 2014 Prize is to be open to the public in the Jaroslav Fragner Gallery – which has been the venue for an earlier Prize exhibition – as part of the Landscape Festival of Prague 2015, now being held for the third year.

The twenty most outstanding works presented for the 2014 European Prize for Urban Public Space are to be exhibited in the Czech Republic. After the positive response to the exhibition resulting from the 2012 Prize, the Jaroslav Fragner Gallery will be the venue of “Shared Cities”, the latest Prize exhibition, as part of the Third Landscape Festival of Prague. This festival is devoted to public space, architecture and land-art, taking the form of exhibitions, installations, and additional programmes related with the city and its elements. The festival is being held from 8 June to 27 September in such spaces as the Žižkov freight railway station and the Jaroslav Fragner Gallery, which is organising the festival. This event has the support of the Minister for Culture, Daniel Herman, and the Deputy Mayor of the City of Prague, Matěj Stropnický.

Among the other activities associated with the festival are exhibitions related with public space, architecture and art in the urban setting, and installations. One of these, offering a new approach to the elements of street furniture, is a Danish work titled Sofa Experience, this consisting of a sofa 62.1 metres in length and made of sustainable materials which can be combined as desired.

“Shared Cities” may be seen from 10 July to 26 September at the Jaroslav Fragner Gallery.

Further information:

Galeria Jaroslav Fragner
Betlémské nám. 169/5ª


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