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Plaça de l'Ortodòxia

Derventa (Bòsnia i Herzegovina), 2015

Estat previ

Square of Orthodoxy (Trg Pravoslavlja) is situated in the center of Derventa in Bosnia and Herzegovina. In the past, before the war in Bosnia and Herzegovina, there was the park with bistro and terrace. It was a meeting place, to enjoy the beautiful park ensemble. After the war, the park was treated as a town square and the site has undergone a number of changes: on the perimeter of the square, on the west side, the pedestrian street was made; on the top of the location, the monument was built on the top location and in the central part of the square, the Serbian Orthodox Church - one of the highest in Bosnia and Herzegovina. After these interventions, Derventa municipality has decided to redesign the square. The main limitations and problems of the square were: large level difference, devastated greenery except the plane trees, inability to access for people with disabilities, devastated urban furniture and facilities, inability for public use and public events, inability to use it for religious ceremonies, etc. The main requirements for the redesign were: maintaining an existing pedestrian street, wall parapets, triangular geometry of the square, ensuring availability for all users, building playgrounds for children, revitalization and reconstruction of greenery, lighting design, construction of the central plateau around the church, the construction of public toilets and ecclesiastical shops, application of the principles of ecological design, etc.

Objecte de la intervenció

The basic idea of planning the Square of Orthodoxy in Derventa is guided by the collective memory of the place in terms of reminiscences of past, when it was place of encounters and community, then the appreciation of the place, the need for religious service of Serbian Orthodox Church and the acceptance and implementation of modern design practices in the regulation of public spaces. The main reference for the design of the Square is in the fresco painting in Orthodox Church and cubism landscape design. In this sense, the Square is treated as a public space accessible to everyone, with characteristics of a park. Designing process took into account the low-budget of the project. The careful selection of materials and, especially, selection of greenery, made sure that the costs of maintenance, use and exploitation are as small as possible. Designing process also included consultations with representatives of the Serbian Orthodox Church, which owns the site and with representatives of the municipality, which was an investor. The project envisages extensive greenery, a large area of permeable and semi-permeable surfaces, automatic watering and irrigation of greenery, etc.


The total area of the Square is 4000m2, of which more than 40% is covered by green surface and more than 60% is under the permeable surfaces. The project respected an urban context, urban fabric and all client requirements. The problem of large deleveling of the Square (more than 7m) is solved by the cascading. Approaches to the Square are provided with an opening of diagonal access to the NE side from the city direction, then access to the SE side in the amphitheater direction, access to the SW side from the monument direction, while the existing approaches to the W and N are retained. All plateaus and cascades are connected through internal connections with the central plateau around the church. The central plateau around the church is designed in a way that the religious ceremonies can be carried out easily. By cascading of terrain and raising the height of the plateau around, the "pedestal" for the church is created. Next to the northern basement entrance to the church, the space for the ecclesiastical shop and public toilets was created. The composition of greenery supports the existing one and particularly plane trees (genius loci). Landscape design and lighting design supports and highlights the bold sense of the space, the horizontal lines of the Square (cascades) and vertical lines of the church. The project used the gravel surface and concrete paving stone, wooden benches and tartan surface for the children playground.


Since 2015, citizens of Derventa are using Square mostly for everyday children’s play, socializing and place for an active break. Several large public events were held there so far, including the celebration of the New Year with the participation of thousands of citizens. Also, the Square is often used for religious ceremonies and celebrations. Although the Square is owned by the Serbian Orthodox Church, every day it is freely and without any distinction used by all citizens of Derventa. Advanced concept of planting design, made conditions necessary for advanced growth of vegetation. To date, no technical and technological usage problems are noticed or the occurrence of destruction and devastation of urban furniture. Although it is a short period for the complete evaluation, it can be assumed that this Square will continue its life on the same spot where the former park, before the civil and religious war, stopped its own.

[Darrera actualització: 10/04/2019]

Fitxa tècnica

CIUTAT: Derventa
PAÍS: Bòsnia i Herzegovina
SUPERFÍCIE: 4.000 m²
COST: 205.385 €


Opština Derventa

Vladan Djokic, Aleksandar Bobic, Ivana Rakonjac

Jefimija Sebic, Sinisa Maric and Vladan Stevovic.

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