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    Brussels (Belgium), 2021

    Flow, designed and built with the participation of fifty young people, is the first open-air swimming pool to be constructed in Brussels in forty years.

    Developer: POOL IS COOL
    Authors: Jozef Wouters, Pool is cool

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    Lund (Sweden), 2021

    Lund Cathedral decided to use its properties to develop a public space that would be an alternative to the logic of rapid urbanisation in its surroundings.

    Developer: Lunds Domkyrka (Lund Cathedral)
    Authors: Price & Myers, Brendeland & Kristoffersen Architects

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    Gardens of Sporta pils

    Riga (Latvia), 2021

    A grassroots initiative for recovering an abandoned site becomes a new system, a model of public space that combines productive logics and non-domesticated nature as a new community space.

    Developer: Artilērijas dārzi
    Authors: Artilērijas dārzi

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    Saint Sernin Square

    Toulouse (France), 2020

    The removal of an open-air carpark becomes an occasion to restore eminence to place Saint-Sernin, Toulouse, by bringing back trees as the predominant feature of the vertical condition of the public space and establishing an area that can accommodate a range of public uses.

    Developer: Toulouse Métropole
    Authors: BAU (Joan Busquets, Pieter-Jan Versluys), MDP (Michel Desvigne), LEA, EGIS