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4 February 2014

"There is a great deal of potential in the Smart City but there are also many risks"

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[Catalan with English subt. | 00:04:46]

Gemma Galdón, lecturer in Security Policy, speaks with Shared Spaces about the effects of the new technologies in public space.

Gemma Galdón, lecturer in Security, Technology and Society, visited the Centre of Contemporary Culture of Barcelona (CCCB) in May 2012 to present and act as moderator in the series of debates titled "The State of Surveillance: Technology and Social Control in the “Smart City”". Shared Spaces was able to interview her on this occasion and hear her views on the challenges presently facing public space. Galdón spoke about the “Smart City” model and the dangers it entails in restricting its functions to corporate interests and obsession over security in the city. She believes that, “there is a great deal of potential in the smart city but there are also many risks”.

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