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20 May 2015

Interviews with Nordic Architects about Public Space

Interviews with nine Nordic architects about their conception of public space.


On the occasion of the activites held in the framework of “Europe City” programm, the Museum of Finnish Architecture (MFA) in Helsinki recorded interviews with nine Nordic architects about their conception of public space.

In general, all the architects agreed when they described public spaces as places in which public life a city’s life takes place. Most describe them as meeting points that should be tolerant, accessible, egalitarian and open to everyone, without being dominated by private entities.

A smaller number see public space as an area between buildings in which pedestrians and cyclists can circulate, or as a place which is not designed or conceived of as a political project but as a space that people have decided to occupy. Some of the architects say that, apart from being a place for meeting people, it can also be one where a person can be alone.

As their favourite public spaces, they tend to choose squares or parks – places in which one finds a wide variety of people engaged in different activities – riverside space, certain buildings notable for their relationship with the street, markets, places related with forms of transport, or simply any place the citizens decide to use.

Ferran Muñoz Jofre.
Translation: Julie Wark.


Sinus Lynge, EFFEKT Architect ApS, Denmark.

Jonas Love Norlin, Reuilf Ramstadr, architect, Norway.

Christian Sanneman, chairman for the Cultural and Neighbourhood Association Arteva, Finland.

Vesa Peinien, Researcher, youth worker, Finland.

Jenni Lautso, Sito Head of Department, Urban Planning and Design, Finland.

Jussi Vuori, Uusi kaupunki, architect, Finland.

Emma Johansson, Studio Puisto, architect, Finland.

Pasi Nikkinen, Pop Up Ilo, Finland.

Minna Kivioja, Pup Up Ilo, Finland.

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