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Maria Auböck

Munich (Germany)

Maria Auböck

Architect specialized in landscape architecture, tenure professor at the Academy of Fine Arts in Munich.

The landscape architect Mary Auböck is a tenure professor at the Design Institute of Outdoor Spaces in the Academy of Fine Arts in Munich. She manages, together with János Kárász, an architectural and landscaping Viennese studio developing projects in several countries in Europe. She has been a visiting professor at the Rhode Island School of Design, the Academy of Fine Arts in Vienna, the Technical University of Vienna and the Technical University of Munich. The rehabilitation of historic gardens stands out among her projects, mostly inscribed in landscaping and urban planning. She has also been a member of several advisory boards of urban projects and artistic interventions in public spaces of cities like Berlin, Vienna, Munich and Salzburg. In addition, she has served on juries of international competitions in cities from Austria, Germany, Italy and Switzerland. Auböck is a member of the Board of Experts of the European Prize for Urban Public Space since the 2014 edition.

[Last update: January 2014]

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