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Josep Llinàs

Barcelona (Spain)

Josep Llinàs

Architect, president of the jury for the European Prize for Urban Public Space 2014.

The architect Josep Llinàs (Castelló de la Plana, 1945), President of the international Jury of the seventh European Prize for Urban Public Space (2012), has close ties with Barcelona, the city where he lives and where most of his work has been constructed. The Jaume Fuster Library (2006) in the Lesseps square ─for which he was awarded his third FAD Prize and the National Prize for Architecture and Public Space of the Government of Catalonia─ the Fort Pienc block of public facilities (2003) in the Eixample district, and the residential block at carrer del Carme 55 (1995), in the Raval neighbourhood, are notable examples of an architecture that has made a contribution towards improving the city. However, more than the mark they have made on the physiognomy of Barcelona, Llinàs’ buildings are outstanding for their openness to being impressed by and responding to the stimuli of their urban context, to such an extent that, as Llinàs himself confesses, his work would have been very different if he had worked in another city.

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