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Daniele Porretta

Barcelona (Spain)


Daniele Porretta


Lecturer in History of Design at Elisava, Barcelona. He holds a PhD in Theory and History of Architecture, with a thesis concerning the evolution of the city of the future in the first half of the twentieth century, from technological utopias to dystopias of social control. He has been a member of the Critical Archive of the Barcelona Model research group; he participates in the Barcelona School of Architecture (ETSAB/UPC) course Architecture and Cinema; he has directed many film seasons, and has given lectures on architecture and the city in institutions including the Mies van de Rohe Foundation, the CaixaForum and the Italian Cultural Institute in Barcelona. He regularly works with the Barcelona Institute of Humanities, and has headed the courses “The City and the Imaginary of Destruction” (2011), “House(s): Perspectives on the Idea of Inhabiting” (2015), “The City of the Future: Utopias and Dystopias” (2016), “Possible Futures: Utopias and Dystopias for the 21st Century” (2017), and “Mars: The Other Earth” (2019). He is author of L’altra Terra. L’utopia di Marte dall’età victoriana alla New Space economy (Luiss University Press, 2020).


[Update: 15 February 2021]

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