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Opening of Rinham Marshes
London (United Kingdom), 2014
A peripheral area of surprisingly well conserved natural richness has been made accessible to Londoners so that they will discover it, learn to love it and protect it from the probable depredations of urban sprawl.
Islamic Cemetery
Altach (Austria), 2012
The construction of a cemetery apt for Muslim rites meets the requirements of a very considerable minority, enabling many immigrants to bury their dead in the land where they have settled.


"Passages in a contemporary cities"
Lecture by Marcel Smets
The architect Marcel Smets visited the CCCB to present the project "Passages_Passatges".

Shared Spaces

“People start to feel that even though a space is public there’s no reason for them to be there”
Interview with Kamila Shamsie
The writer Kamila Shamsie was interviewed by Shared Spaces when she visited the Centre of Contemporary Culture of Barcelona (CCCB) last March to give a lecture titled “The Unmapped City”, which closed the “Open City” lecture cycle.


International Biennial of Landscape Architecture 2014
On 25, 26 and 27 September this year the International Biennial of Landscape Architecture is to be held in Barcelona. The theme, “A Landscape for You”, seeks to explore the social component, going deeper into participative aspects and appropriation by users of both the spaces themselves and their particular processes and objectives.
No One Sits Here Anymore: How Spikes and Fences Erase Communal Life
The artist Léonidas Martín reflects on a range of elements of urban design in the city of Barcelona which restrict access to public spaces. He wonders how artists might work to prioritise communal life over market efficiency.