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Danish Maritime Museum
Helsingør (Denmark), 2013
An old dry dock in the Kronborg Castle shipyard, forsaken witness to its industrial past, has been transformed into a courtyard giving natural light and access to the new underground Danish National Maritime Museum.

Multi-use hall in the Gammel Hellerup high school
Gentofte (Denmark), 2013
A multipurpose centre constructed underneath the Gammel Hellerup secondary school playground has provided the neighbourhood with a covered space for large-scale events and an open-air leisure area.

Shared Spaces

“Good public space is one that embodies both durability and flexibility”
The former director of The Architecture Foundation (AF) and member of the Jury for the European Prize for Urban Public Space discusses with Shared Spaces the values of public space and the dangers it faces.


"Mediterranean, sea of peoples"
The Neapolitan poet and translator Erri de Luca spoke of mixing and promiscuity as a shared heritage of all the Mediterranean peoples in a lecture he gave on 13 March 2014 as part of the Open City cycle.


No One Sits Here Anymore: How Spikes and Fences Erase Communal Life
The artist Léonidas Martín reflects on a range of elements of urban design in the city of Barcelona which restrict access to public spaces. He wonders how artists might work to prioritise communal life over market efficiency.
From the Streetmix web, they propose a game about public space: through a few figures you can create an interactive street and share in your social network. ¿Could be the way whereby the citizens expose their references about the places where they live?