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Social housing building in Brandon Street
London (United Kingdom), 2012
The bench attached to the foot of the wall of a new social housing block in the Heygate Estate takes over from the low wall that had enclosed the premises as a meeting place for local residents
Renovation of Ribeira das Naus
Lisboa (Portugal), 2013
The neglected, deteriorating, dangerous shoreline on the site of an old naval shipyard has become a pedestrian promenade overlooking the Tagus River and very well connected with the centrally located Praça do Comércio
Temporary Swimming Pool in Arthur Verona Street
Bucharest (Romania), 2012
In the three days of a summer festival, a street normally occupied by cars becomes home to a swimming pool made from rented pallets and waterproof canvas so that residents can enjoy having contact with water.

Shared Spaces

“Football fields are one of the last architectural public spaces that are still functioning”
Interview with Josep Fuses
Fuses says that, in the twenty-first century, public space is no longer to be found at strictly architectural levels and calls for spaces in which architecture takes on an anonymous quality.


From Courtyard to City: The Scales of Politics
Inner Yard | Marika Pecháčková | Studio FAMU | Czech Republic, 2014 | 00:33:41 | Czech > English
The discussions among a group of residents about removing the fences around separate gardens in the interior space of their block constitute a metaphor for the everyday problems of coexistence in the city.

Shared Spaces

“What makes the city cogent is the fact that it invites you to change your mind...”
Interview with Francesc Muñoz
For this Catalan geographer, the European city consists of a set of public spaces and these must speak to us in new languages and invite us to think because, in short, these are the spaces which help the citizen to see things differently.


Manifesto for a More Prosperous Urban Society
With an eye to the upcoming general elections in the United Kingdom, the Centre for Cities group has produced a manifesto stating the following general demands: improved transport; support for the local economy; rationalisation of construction; helping cities to lead economic growth; and financing cities for a more resilient economy.
Ciudad sostenible
Ciudad sostenible is a Madrid-based quarterly review with both paper and online editions. It aims to propose and find sustainable solutions for urban management by means of opinion pieces, tools for knowledge sharing, and exchanges of experiences. Number 22 has recently appeared.
A Multi-Use Public Market
The studio MVRDV has designed reforms for the public market in the French town of Pau. The idea is to create a main hall for this symbolic building and traditional meeting place which, besides being used for the market, can also be a venue for other temporary activities such as exhibitions and concerts.