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public space: European Prize for Urban Public Space
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New Lift to the Old City Centre
Gironella (Spain), 2015 | FINALIST 2016
A lift links the modern extension and medieval centre of town, the latter of which had been condemned to social isolation and depopulation.
Three Clearings in the Forest
Uster (Switzerland), 2014 | FINALIST 2016
The subtle opening up of three circular clearings in a forest offers nature in the wild to people using a new footpathon the outskirts of the city.
Renovation of "Promenada"
Velenje (Slovenia), 2014 | FINALIST 2016
The construction of an amphitheater and a bridge over the river Paka transforms an old pedestrian pathway into a civic axis that connects the city centre with its natural surroundings.

Shared Spaces (79)

«A space only destined to consumption is not a public space»
Interview with Catherine Malabou
Public space that offers a critic vision is important, says French philosopher Catherine Malabou

10 awards: cities and voices (23)

City: Magdeburg
The residents of a socially depressed neighbourhood have organised to collect and share books in an open-air library that they have constructed, after a participative process, with prefabricated pieces from a demolished building.
Voice: Diane Davis
Interview for Shared Spaces with Diane David, Sociologist, Geographer and professor of urban planning at the University of Harvard.

News (421)

Award-Giving Ceremony for the European Prize for Urban Public Space 2018
Wednesday, 20th June 2018, 6:30h
The winners of the tenth award will be announced at the ceremony and the president of the Jury, Olga Tarrasó, will make an appraisal of the works presented.
The 25 Finalists of The 2018 Prize Now Published
After the issuing of the verdict by the International Jury, the 25 finalist works of the 2018 Prize are now available for consultation on this website. Among the 25 finalists there are the winners and special mentions, that will not be revealed until the award-giving ceremony to be hold the following 20 June at the CCCB.

Periscope (437)

'Sant Antoni brings life': Barcelona celebrates £70m market revamp
The Guardian Cities explains the reform of the Sant Antoni market, and showcases the importance of Barcelona ‘s markets as public spaces.