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Renovation of the Baluard del Príncep
Palma (Spain), 2013
The demolition of three military buildings constructed in the 1960s made it possible to recover the previously inaccessible Baluard del Príncep (Prince’s Bastion) as an open public space with privileged views over the sea.
Leisure areas on the right bank of the Vistula River
Warsaw (Poland), 2013
A footpath and three beaches equipped with games areas, public baths, sports fields and barbecue zones have enabled citizens to reclaim the right bank of the Vistula River, which had been neglected, inaccessible and used as a rubbish dump for years.
Renovation of Petar Zoranić Square
Zadar (Croatia), 2013
Sheets of structural glass laid level with the ground allow contemplation of archaeological sites of medieval and Roman ruins as well as everyday use of the square which covers them.
The new "Els Encants" market
Barcelona (Spain), 2013
The famous flea market, which had become old and dilapidated, has been moved, but without leaving the plaça de les Glòries, to shelter beneath a new, soaring, iconic porch.

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Walls, Barriers, Borders
"After the fall of communism, we were first busy destroying hated monuments and spontaneously building the foundations of businesses; it was only later that we took up debates on quality, accessibility, innovation and the philosophy of space."

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International Jury Meets at the CCCB
 The ten members of the International Jury of the ninth edition of the European Prize for Urban Public Space are meeting on the 28 and 29 April at the Centre of Contemporary Culture of Barcelona (CCCB) to evaluate the 276 submitted works.

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Public Life on the Edges
"The bucolic image of London’s historic parks is neither attainable nor arguably desirable in the public spaces of the periphery."
Middle Ground
“There is a European-wide consensus that public space contributes to the common good, and that the quality of public space can and does make a difference. This consensus is grounded in a very implicit yet fundamental belief in the values of democracy, and how they play out into public space.”

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Parks as Urban Infrastructure
Urban parks can offer solutions for cities to manage storm water runoff while also meeting residents’ recreation needs. Although using parks as urban infrastructure may be a time-honoured tradition, the report “City Parks, Clean Water” exploring the case of American cities, shows how the smart intersection between large parks and cities requires new technologies and new practices.
Right to the city: can this growing social movement win over city officials?
Urban social movements have been taking over cities’ streets and squares for more than a decade already. They claim for more inclusive cities. As the UN gears up for Habitat III, will governments listen?
Renovating Paris Central Squares
The municipality of Paris has a plan: more trees and fewer cars. The city will habilitate five of its main central squares that now are channeling a large portion of Paris traffic and bring them back to the pedestrians.
Ethiopian Skaters Struggle for City Spaces
These images tell the story of how Ethiopian skateboarders finally found and gained a space in the city. Ethiopia’s first skatepark is now being collectively built in the capital, Addis-Ababa.