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public space: European Prize for Urban Public Space
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Nørreport Station
Copenhagen (Denmark), 2015 | FINALIST 2016
The chaotic esplanade covering Denmark’s oldest subterranean station through which around 165,000 people move every day, has been redesigned to house a bus terminal, parking for more than two thousand bicycles and a pedestrian zone connected with the medieval streets of the old city centre.
Protection Building of the Genovés Park
Cádiz (Spain), 2015 | FINALIST 2016
A seafront esplanade invaded by parked cars is replaced by an elongated building that shelters the Genovés park from winds, while containing public bathrooms, changing rooms and cultural facilities and featuring an elevated viewpoint overlooking the bay of Cadiz.
Temporary Bridge over the Charleroi Canal
Brussels (Belgium), 2014 | FINALIST 2016
An non-profit urban festival claims the connection of two districts of uneven social conditions on both sides of the canal by means of an ephemeral bridge made with the standard components of a construction crane.

Shared Spaces (77)

“One of the things I would like to share is how public space can become dangerous in a heat wave.”
Interview with Jean-Paul Vanderlinden
Professor Vanderlinden warns of the vulnerability of public space in cities during heat waves brought about by climate change.

AgoraTXT (12)

The Value of Co-Design /Co-Production as a Methodology for Promoting Sustainable and Just Cities
"There are diverse approaches to transdisciplinary co-production/co-design/co-creation, which all share the key features of deep and extended participation."
Curating the City. The Changing Nature of Public Space
"Public space has always been contested. But it is also open to different cultural readings at different times and in different places".

News (407)

Tough cities, possible cities
Presentation of the book and debate with Janet Sanz, Fernando Carrión,
Jordi Borja and Mireia Belil

Monday 29 May at 19:00 at the CCCB // Free entrance

Periscope (421)

Could Urban Farms Be the Preschools of the Future?
The farm, Nursery Fields Forever, is the vision of aut- -aut, a group of four architects. Their proposal for a preschool on an urban farm took first prize at this year’s AWR International Ideas Competition; the challenge centered around designing a nursery school model for London.
Three Refreshing Reads on Urban Agriculture
In an article on recent books discussing the diversity of forms of urban agriculture Wayne Roberts, an eminent Canadian food policy analyst, draws attention to the need to produce policies which recognise their benefits for cities.
Why the Jane Jacobs vs. Robert Moses Battle Still Matters
Directed by Matt Tyrnauer, "Citizen Jane: Battle for the City" is a recent documentary which describes Jacobs’ opposition to the model of urban renovation—based on introducing highways into cities—advocated by Robert Moses.