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    Refurbishment of Smithfield Esplanade

    Dublin (Ireland), 2000

    Improved by simple and forceful means, a rundown esplanade achieves the identity and perceptive unification it needed in order to become Dublin’s foremost civic space.

    Authors: McGarry Ní Éanaigh Architects

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    Can Mulà Multipurpose Centre

    Mollet del Vallès (Spain), 2000

    Creation of a complex urban centre consisting of the municipal market, the City Council building, some commercial facilities and a number of residential buildings around a central public space.

    Authors: Jordi Cartagena i Miret, Lluís Vives i Sanfeliu, Serra-Vives-Cartagena, S.C.P.


  • River Ter Park

    Girona (Spain), 1999

    The metropolitan park in the River Ter brings environmental recovery and new access to the riverside surroundings, which have ceased to be the city’s backyard.

    Authors: Francesc Hereu | Joaquim Español Arquitectes, Joaquim Español, Francesc Hereu

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