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  • Citizenship and Public Space
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    Citizenship and Public Space

    Jordi Borja Citizenship and Public Space Urban Agoraphobia Although we civic-urbanites like to recall the old refrain that “city air makes us free”, present-day urban reality tends to make us quote instead the one about “bad times for poetry”. There is nothing original, either, in the titles...

  • The mythical foundation of the city
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    The mythical foundation of the city

    Pedro Azara, Eva Subías, Ricardo Mar, Eduard Riu-Barrera mythical foundation of city Introduction One of symbolic features that exemplify many cities of classical antiquity is existence of stories, historically-based or invented, about ir origins and foundation. Mythological characters like seus,...

  • Urbanisation against urbanity?
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    Urbanisation against urbanity?

    Xavier Rubert de Ventós Urbanisation against urbanity? The order in which I shall present this talk is as follows: I shall begin with two canonical quotes that relate social conduct with the city. Then I shall offer an etymological review of what we deem to be good manners, after which I shall go...