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18 June 2018

The Cities We Need

Lecture by Michael Kimmelman

[English | 1:38:30]

With the threat of climate change and the exponential growth of cities, Michael Kimmelman, art and architecture critic of The New York Times, calls for a twenty-first-century model of the city that is more responsible with its environs and towards the people who inhabit it.

The two great challenges confronting humanity in the twenty-first century are urbanisation and climate change, Kimmelman says. We are now at a turning point where the threats to civilisation and to Earth itself are extremely serious. Nevertheless, we also have the chance of creating more human, creative and egalitarian cities, which are responsible in their relations with the environment. From Cairo to Jakarta, through Mexico City and New York, Michael Kimmelman will describe, using examples of good and bad urban planning practices, the model that should be followed. The need to choose the right path to follow, he believes, is now more urgent than ever.

Presented by Anna Puigjaner

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