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  • Dietmar Steiner, An Old Friend of the Prize
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    Dietmar Steiner, An Old Friend of the Prize

    We mourn the death of Dietmar Steiner, director of the Architekturzentrum Wien from 1993 until 2016 and an old friend of the European Prize for Urban Public Space. This sensitive architect, aware of the complexity of the urban fact was the most veteran member of the international jury of the Prize.

  • Demonstrations in Coronavirus Times
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    Demonstrations in Coronavirus Times

    What happens when the pandemic obliges our confinement at a highly politicised time and demonstrations in public spaces must suddenly cease? AOC Media analyses how protests in France have moved from the streets into the social networks, as well as onto balconies where people bang pots and pans or...

  • Exterior: Empty
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    Exterior: Empty

    El espacio público es el que mantiene con vida una ciudad, afirma Ibelings, y la pandemia pone de relieve cuán de importante es para nuestra vida social. El confinamiento nos ha robado aquellos encuentros casuales en el espacio público y aquella parte de nuestra vida social que sencillamente...

  • The Keys of Post Covid-19 Tourism
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    The Keys of Post Covid-19 Tourism

    Venice without tourists, an empty Times Square, skies without planes … How is the pandemic affecting tourism? Is this the end of mass tourism and global cities? National Geographic Viajes has consulted specialists in several areas. While travel agents are planning different strategies for...

  • Cities in the Pandemic
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    Cities in the Pandemic

    La pandemia nos obliga a plantearnos problemas de las ciudades que perdurarán después de la crisis, afirma Richard Sennett. En este artículo, el autor analiza temas claves como la oportunidad que la pandemia ofrece a los poderes reguladores, la importancia de encontrar maneras de contrarrestar la...

  • In praise of crowds — the city’s most remarkable art form
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    In praise of crowds — the city’s most remarkable art form

    "The rhythm of a city is dictated by crowds which surge during rush hours, lunchtimes and evenings, its streets acting as arteries pumping the blood of citizens through to keep them alive. Remove the throng and the city becomes a museum, a simulacrum of urbanity in the way a stage set and an...

  • Masks of Everyday Urban Life
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    Masks of Everyday Urban Life

    At this moment of pandemic, wearing medical face masks in public spaces is recommended or even mandatory. Urbanist Mark Kammerbauer reflects in Topos Magazine on higher propensity towards wearing masks in public in Asia. A matter of curtesy or culture? Is it linked to public health emergencies in...

  • Tracking coronavirus: big data and the challenge to privacy
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    Tracking coronavirus: big data and the challenge to privacy

    The strategies for putting in place plans to lift the lockdowns before a vaccine is developed could involve tracing coronavirus patients and their contacts in order to determine whether government actions are working. The measures are triggering fears of growing surveillance, including questions...

  • Can City Life Survive Coronavirus?
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    Can City Life Survive Coronavirus?

    The pandemic undermines our most basic ideas about community and, in particular, urban life, claims the New York Times’s architectural critic Michael Kimmelman. Epicenters of capital and creativity, cities are facing social distancing that not only runs up against our fundamental desires to...