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15 September 2021

City and Resources

Debates in the context of the Spanish Biennial of Architecture and Urbanism

[Ca/En/Es, transl. En | 01: 23:04]

With Sébastien Marot, Xavier Monteys and Anna Bach we will rethink the connections between the countryside and the city, as well as the future of production and supply models for food and resources.

As opposed to two separate and clearly defined entities, the countryside and the city form a continuum characterised by a symbiotic and bidirectional relationship. Agriculture has been the driving force behind the development of urban societies since the beginning of time, and today the countryside still supplies cities with food and all kinds of raw materials necessary for their subsistence. In this debate we will reflect on resources and food sovereignty and highlight the need to redefine the connection between countryside and city in order to respond to today’s demographic, energy-related and environmental challenges.

This activity is part of Living Together: Territory, Community, Resources


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