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4 July 2019

Cities and the Anthropocene

Conversation with Suzanne Hall and Nigel Thrift
4 July at the CCCB

In a dialogue moderated by Francesc Muñoz, Suzanne Hall and Nigel Thrift will talk about the challenges faced by cities in the Anthropocene and will emphasise the need for putting into practice the principles of sustainability.

Cities are now the main human habitat and forecasts indicate that they will continue to grow in the coming years. The sociologist Suzanne Hall and the expert in human geography Nigel Thrift, two leading figures today in the study of urban life, will talk about the situation of cities in the Anthropocene and will call for new models to guide our way of inhabiting them. Cities, at once producers and products of the Anthropocene, will have to play a key role in bringing about changes to achieve forms of human life that are sustainable for the planet and a more just and inclusive society.

This dialogue on 5 July will open the seminar “Cities and the Anthropocene” which is jointly organised by the CCCB and the British Academy.

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