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"You certainly can't have democracy without public space"

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Masha Gessen highlights the fundamental role of public space in democracy

Masha Gessen presented a lecture entitled "Imagination and Democracy" on June 6 to celebrate the sixth edition of the Orwell Day at the CCCB. In the interview for Shared Spaces, Gessen defends the fundamental role of public space when it comes to making democracy and politics possible.

The Russian-American writer, who currently lives in the city of New York, highlights the cycle track which runs alongside the Hudson River, to the west of Manhattan, as her favourite public space. It's a very busy space, yet it offers a pleasant sense of solitude within that public space. Gessen adds the sports courts located towards the northeast of the island as a special space for her, given that very few people use them, so she considers the courts to be her own private and public space.


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