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4 September 2023

Beyond Besòs: inhabiting the seafront

Opening session of the ETSAV-CCCB workshop

[Catalan and Spanish | 02:26:57]

Recording of the opening session of the one-week workshop that brought together undergraduate students of ETSAV-UPC with the aim of analysing the specificities of the Besòs seafront and proposing new ways of inhabiting it.

The seafront is a frontier territory, a public space where constant transformations are occurring and inviting constant reflection. This is an environment that is especially vulnerable to climate change, economic fluctuations, and new social challenges in such a way that it has become a laboratory of opportunities for rethinking the ways in which we inhabit the city.

The aim of the workshop was to intensify the experience of occupying a space, taking as its context the public space of Barcelona’s seafront, in the area of the Sant Adrià thermal power station. In this space of collective use, we aimed to reconnect with the basic actions that are the drivers of our coexistence.

The workshop included presentations by Carme Ribas, manager of the Besòs Consortium and the Associate Professor María Langarita who guided the students in their research throughout the week.  

“Beyond Besòs: Inhabiting the Seafront” is a joint initiative of the Centre of Contemporary Culture of Barcelona and the Department of Architectural Projects of the Vallès School of Architecture of the Technical University of Catalonia (UPC).

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