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14 - 15 November 2022

Award Ceremony of the European Prize for Urban Public Space 2022

Save the date: 14-15 November

The European Prize for Urban Public Space 2022 reaches its final stages with two sessions, in which the five finalist teams will present their projects publicly at the CCCB and then the jury will announce the winner of the prize.

What are the best projects to recover European urban public space carried out in recent years? How have climate change or the pandemic affected interventions in urban spaces around Europe? The 2022 edition of the European Prize for Urban Public Space has been a success in terms of participation, with 326 projects submitted from 35 countries across Europe. The international jury, with the engineer and landscape architect Teresa Galí-Izard serving as president, met in July 2022 to select the five finalists from among the works submitted: the Flow swimming pool (Brussels), the Hage courtyard (Lund), the community garden Sporta pils (Riga), the Saint Sernin square (Toulouse), and the Catharijnesingel canal (Utrecht).

On Monday, 14 November at 6.30pm, the five teams of finalists will be at the CCCB to present their projects to the jury in a public session. 

The following day, Tuesday 15 November at 6.30pm,  the award ceremony will take place in which the jury will announce the winner. The event will be chaired by Ms. Núria Marín Martínez, president of the Provincial Council of Barcelona, and will be hosted by the journalist and architect Núria Moliner.

Both sessions will be accompanied by an exhibition of the shortlisted and finalist projects for the European Prize for Urban Public Space 2022, on display in the Sala Teatre at the CCCB.

Free admission to both sessions but pre-booking tickets needed for the award ceremony.
The ceremony will be also broadcast live on this website.

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