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    Psychiatric Center Caritas: A Building That Became Public Space

    Special Mention in the 2018 Prize, Silver Lion at the 2018 Biennale di Venezia and finalist of the Mies van der Rohe Award, this building testifies to the power of projects that skillfully combine the existing fabric with new elements. It also provides an argument for collective work involving investors, designers, users and experts: in this case, a collective specializing in a discourse on art, architecture and urban planning.

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Highlighted works

  • Bringing gardens back

    Bringing gardens back

    Moscow (Russia), 2017

    Following old seventeenth-century walls for more than fifteen kilometres around the old city centre, parts of the Ring highway have been turned into gardens, thus reclaiming for pedestrians essential space which had been invaded by cars.

  • Niel garden

    Niel garden

    Toulouse (France), 2016

    After acquiring the abandoned Niel military barracks located on a small hill near the bank of the Garonne River, the Toulouse Council has transformed the land into a new city park.

  • Blue House Yard

    Blue House Yard

    London (United Kingdom), 2017

    A process of participative design and construction involving students, local residents, users and professional carpenters has converted a disused spae and a municipal building into a productive, lively site with workshops for creative businesses, wooden shops, a space for local residents to meet, a bus converted into a café, and spaces for fairs and markets. 

  • Renewal of the Seafront Promenade

    Renewal of the Seafront Promenade

    Vlorë (Albania), 2017

    The deplorable state of the waterfront after decades of neglect and privatisation has been remedied with a white concrete promenade planted with Aleppo pines and linking beaches, a park, several sports areas, an amphitheatre, and a large paved terrace.

  • Renovation of the Himarë Waterfront

    Renovation of the Himarë Waterfront

    Himarë (Albania), 2016

    The demolition of a retaining wall dropping sharply from a waterfront road has now connected the town and the Ionian Sea by means of introducing a gently sloping series of platforms planted with pine trees for shade.

  • Community Kitchen in Terras da Costa

    Community Kitchen in Terras da Costa

    Costa de Caparica (Portugal), 2017

    A participatory process involving the residents of a shantytown located in an agricultural and ecological reserve on the outskirts of Lisbon has resulted in the construction of a community kitchen, reinforcing social interaction and a sense of belonging.