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Xavier Antich

La Seu d'Urgell (Spain)


Xavier Antich


Xavier Antich has a PhD in Philosophy and is lecturer in Aesthetics and Theory of Art at the University of Girona where he is also director of the Master’s Degree in Communication and Criticism. He was director of the Independent Studies Programme at the MACBA (Barcelona Museum of Contemporary Art) and is currently president of the Board of Trustees of the Tàpies Foundation. He has taught in the PhD programme of the Iberian and Latin American Cultures Department at Stanford University, the Philosophy Faculty at the University of Barcelona, and the Faculty of Communication Sciences at the Ramon Llull University.

His most recent research is in the fields of aesthetics and contemporary art, with particular attention to theories that appeared after 1967 and artistic practices in the past forty years. Some of his studies have focused on different questions of musical aesthetics. He is a member of the advisory board for the “Cultura/s” supplement of the newspaper La Vanguardia and a member of the Barcelona Culture Council and also a regular columnist for the newspaper Ara.

His published works include:

  • Antoni Tàpies. En blanc i negre. Assaigs 1955-2003 (Antoni Tàpies in Black and White: Essays 1995 - 2003), ed., 2008.
  • “Barcelona, 1917-1928. Del 391 al Manifest Groc” (Barcelona, 1917-1928: From 391 to the Yellow Manifesto), in Capitales del arte moderno, Paloma Alarcó, ed., 2007.
  • “Ver para mirar. De la imagen-control a la imagen-deseo” (Seeing to Look: From Image-Control to Image-Desire), in Cuerpo y mirada. Huellas del siglo XX, Aurora Fernández Polanco, ed., 2007.
  • Antoni Tàpies. Certeses sentides (Antoni Tàpies: Felt Certainties), 2000.
  • El rostre de l’altre. Passeig filosòfic per l’obra d’Emmanuel Lévinas (The Face of the Other: A Philosophical Excursion through the Work of Emmanuel Lávinas), 1993.
  • Introducción a la metafísica de Aristóteles. El problema del objeto en la filosofía primera (Introduction to the Metaphysics of Aristotle: The Problem of the Object in Early Philosophy), 1990.

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