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Viktor Zotov

Kiev (Ukraine)

Viktor Zotov

Architect, chief architect of bureau Zotov&Co, founder of International Architecture Festival CANactions and CANactions School for Urban Studies
Member of the Expert Committee of the Prize

In 1986 he graduated in the Architectural Faculty of Institute of Building and Construction in Kharkiv, Ukraine. He worked during 1986-1989 as an architect in State Institute, in his hometown Maruipol. He won in 1989 a residential block competition and worked until 1992 as chief architect of the awarded project, Yunost. The same year, he founded the Architectural Bureau based also in Mariupol, and was it chief architect until 2003. The year after, he founded the bureau Zotov&Co and moved to Kiev. Since 2008 he is curator of International Architectural Festival CANactions, in Kiev, which he also founded. In 2015, he organizes CANactions School for Urban Studies. He is a member of the Expert Committee of the European Prize for Urban Public Space since 2016.

[Last update: December 2015]

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