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Socrates Stratis

Nicosia (Cyprus)

Socrates Stratis

Architect, urban planner and academic. Member of the Prize’s Board of Experts (2022 - 2024)

He is a PhD architect, urban planner and activist for the urban commons, Associate Professor at the Department of Architecture of the University of Cyprus. His research focuses on the political agencies of architecture and urban design. He studies the strategic value of urban design, as well as the social dimensions of architecture plus, the ways they both transform into critical urban practices. He oscillates between diffractive practice and research, thanks to entanglements between teaching, practicing and writing. He operates in a highly contested territory, such as the Cypriot one, and contributes to the becoming of young European urban design practices through his scientific position in EUROPAN Europe. He is one of the main founders of the critical urban practice agency AA & U, Cyprus. The ‘Guide to Common Urban Imaginaries in Contested Spaces’, the Cyprus participation in the 15th Venice Biennale of Architecture and the ‘Hands-on Famagusta’ project are part of his work.

Last updated: January 2022

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