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Ruta Leitanaite

Kaunas (Lithuania)

Ruta Leitanaite

Architect. Member of the Prize’s Board of Experts

After graduating in Architecture from the Kanaus University of Technology, where she also obtained a master’s degree, she created and presented the radio programme “An Architect Is Required” at Ziniu Radijas. Since 2009 she has been editor and a board member of the digital platform A10 New European Architecture Cooperative.

Since 2017 she has been president of the Architects Association of Lithuania (AAL) where she previously worked as creative director after 2008. She has organised numerous activities and architectural events, among them exhibitions, conferences, workshops, seminars, competitions, in addition to working on the official AAL website. Notable among the exhibitions she has curated are the Vilnius pavilion in the “Pop-up Cities Expo” in Edinburgh, and the Baltic pavilion at the 2017 World Architects Congress in Seoul. She has also been president of the Baltic Architecture Unions’ Association (BAUA) since 2016.

Last update: July 2019


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