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Rahel Jaeggi

Berlin (Germany)

Rahel Jaeggi


Professor of practical philosophy and editor of the Centre for Humanities and Social Change Berlin at the Humboldt-Universitätzu Berlin. She is one of the leading voices of the new generation of critical theorists working to update the legacy of the Frankfurt School. His research focuses on social philosophy, political philosophy, ethics, philosophical anthropology, social ontology and critical theory. His publications include Capitalism. A Conversation in Critical Theory (with Nancy Fraser, Polity Press: 2018), Critique of Forms of Life (Harvard University Press, 2018) or Alienation (Columbia University Press, 2014). In his latest book Fortschrittund Regression (Progress and Regression, Suhrkamp, 2022) Jaeggi argues that in order to get out of the current paralysis it is essential to promote philosophical discussion on the idea of progress.

Update: 24 February 2022

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