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Petra Griefing

Leuven (Belgium)

Petra Griefing

Architect, Senior project leader at Stad en Architectuur and member of the Urban Design Committee in Leuven, Belgium.

Petra Griefing is architect and project leader at Stad en Architectuur, an association based in Leuven that promotes architecture by means of debates, talks and exhibitions and since 2009 has cooperated with Museum M and arts centre STUK.

Griefing is programming exhibitions, debates and lecture series on architecture and urban design and is curator of a number of exhibitions on Belgium architecture and co-curator of the exhibition ‘Rebuilding the Republic’ (M-Museum Leuven, 2011) on new Irish architecture. She has published books on recent Belgium architecture and is developing educational projects for children on architecture. Griefing has been a member of several juries and is presently member of the Urban Design Committee in Leuven.

Between 1988-2002 she worked as an architect in several offices in Rotterdam and Maastricht (the Netherlands). Before that, she was coordinator of the International Buildingexhibition Berlin (1987) and assistant of Prof. Julius Posener (Berlin). She is trained as an architect at the University of Art Berlin and the Technical University Delft.

Griefing is a member of the Board of Experts of the European Prize for Urban Public Space since 2016.

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