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Olga Tarrasó

Barcelona (Spain)

Olga Tarrasó

Architect and president of the Jury of the European Prize for Urban Public Space, 2018.

After graduating in 1982 with a degree in Architecture from the Barcelona School of Architecture (ETSAB, UPC), Tarrasó obtained a master’s degree in Landscape Architecture from the UPC in 1985. In the meantime, she joined the Barcelona City Council Urban Projects Office in 1981, the year it was opened, and continued working there until 2000. She combines her work as an architect with teaching and has lectured in schools of architecture, agricultural engineering and design in several European countries.

Since 1991, she has been working as an architect from the studio ESPINÀS i TARRASÓ with a wide range of projects in the disciplines of landscaping, architecture and design in which she has been a member of multidisciplinary teams in such diverse geographies as Morocco, Belgium and the Scandinavian countries. Notable among her projects are the Passeig Marítim in Barceloneta (winner of the 1996 FAD Prize) and her urban promenade on a covered road, the Ronda del Mig in Barcelona (winner of the 2006 Decada Prize). Her outstanding recent works include the Master Plan for the old port of Tangier (2010-2011), the seaside promenade in Badalona (2012), her project for the outside spaces of the Besòs Campus of the UPC (2016), and the Master Plan for Media Park in Brussels (2014-2020).

Olga Tarrasó also has considerable experience of being a jury member for awards in architecture, these including the City of Barcelona Prize for Architecture and Landscape and the FAD Prize.

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