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Özum Itez

Ankara (Turquia)

Özum Itez

Ladscape architect specialized on urban design and member of the Broad of Experts of the European Prize for Urban Public Space since 2018.

Özüm İtez studied landscape architecture in Ankara University (Bsc., 2006) and graduated from Urban Design Master's programme in Middle East Technical University (MSc., 2009). His research interests are: 19th century urbanism, 19th century Ottoman urbanism, history of cartography, urban cartography and prospects. Since 2013, he is working for a project called ARKIV -led by Arkitera Architecture Centre- which aims to document and publish the architectural works built in Turkey after 1920s. Since 2014, he also is the curator of the annual Turkish Architecture Yearbook, which was exhibited in Studio-X Istanbul, Izmir Architecture Centre of Izmir Chamber of Architects, Ankara Architecture Centre (of TSMD), Uludag University Faculty of Architecture, Bursa Chamber of Architects and Abdullah Gül University.

[Last update: December 2018]

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