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Nerea Calvillo

Madrid (Spain)

Nerea Calvillo

Architect and researcher

Nerea Calvillo explores the material, technological, political, and social dimensions of environmental pollution, at the intersections between architecture, feminist studies of technoscience, new materialisms and urban ecological policies. She is presently working on toxicity and politics, pollen, and queer urban political ecology, as she completes her manuscript for Aeropolis: Sensing Open Air, Pollution and Queer Political Ecologies.

She is Associate Professor at the Centre for Interdisciplinary Methodologies, University of Warwick, and adjunct assistant professor in the Master of Science in Advanced Architectural Design, Columbia University, New York. She co-founded C+ arquitectas and In the Air, a joint research project looking into environmental mediations. Her work has been presented and exhibited in international venues such as the Canadian Centre for Architecture, the Royal Academy of Arts, and the Museo de Arte Contemporáneo de Chile. She is co-editor of the special edition of Toxic Politics (Social Studies of Science, 2018) and also of the book What Urban Media Art Can Do – Why When Where & How? (av edition, 2016).

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