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Núria Moliner

Barcelona (Spain)

Núria Moliner

Architect, communicator, and musician

A culture lover and ecologist, she is an educator who popularises architectural culture and research in the areas of architecture, design, and urban planning from the social and environmental perspectives. A lecturer in Theory of Architecture at the Barcelona School of Architecture (ETSAB), she also presents the Spanish Television (TVE) documentary series “Escala Humana” and works with the programme “Punts de vista” on TVE Catalunya. She has curated the Thinking Biennale, the Model: Barcelona Architectures Festival, the Metropolitan Dance Festival, and the Architecture Now! cycle. She heads her own publicity team at the Nuria Moliner Studio and is cofounder and director of the audiovisual production company Prestalgia.

She also participates in festivals, congresses, and cultural events as well as writing for the press and other publications.

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