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Miriam García

Barcelona (Spain)

Miriam García

PhD holder in Architecture, landscape designer, urban planner, and codirector of LANDLAB. Member of the Prize's Board of Experts (2024)

With a degree in Architecture (1989) and a PhD (2017) from the Higher Technical School of Architecture of Madrid, Miriam García García is also a landscape designer, urban planner, and a director of LANDLAB, a landscaping laboratory based in Barcelona, from which she engages in a range of projects of spatial planning, landscaping, urban design, and adaptation to climate change. Many of these endeavours have received both national and international awards, among them the 12th Spanish Biennial of Architecture and Urban Planning Prize, the 2012 UN-Habitat Good Practice Award, and the Barcelona SuperIlla Prize (for the square located on the corner of Enric Granados/Consell de Cent).

She is a lecturer in the Department of Urbanism, Territory and Landscape at the Polytechnic University of Catalonia as well as being a member of the European Europe Scientific Committee and senior research fellow in the Climate, Energy, and Marine Infrastructures Area of the Institute of Environmental Hydraulics at the University of Cantabria. The field of her research and professional practice is resilience to the effects of climate change in coastal, urban, and metropolitan environments.

[last update: February 2024]

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