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Mateja Medvedič

Ljubljana (Slovenia)

Mateja Medvedič

Architect, writer and stage designer. Member of the Prize’s Board of Experts (2014-2024)

After graduating in Architecture from the University of Ljubljana in 1996, her professional career has embraced work as an architect, art critic, curator, and art director in television and cinema. Her articles and interviews on architecture, art, and construction of ambiences have been published in national and international publications. In 2014 she was a jury member for the Plečnik National Architecture Prize and, in 2018, curator of the exhibition “Tourism and Wood for the New World” at the Big Architecture Festival.

In television, she has worked in Slovenia’s RTV, in the weekly cultural programme Studio City, and in the publishing department of Culture. In 2004 she was awarded the Vesna National Prize of the Seventh Festival of Slovenian Film for Best Art Director. Since then, she has worked as an art director, stage designer, and production designer in film and television. She was co-editor of the Slovenian-Croatian architecture magazine Oris, a regular contributor to the magazine Ambient, and is architecture editor for the Slovenian-Australian webzine Sloveniana of the portal

Last update: March 2019