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Marta Peirano

Madrid (Spain)


Marta Peirano

Journalist and writer

Journalist and writer, she specialises in technology and power. Her research investigates the use of infrastructure, languages, procedures, and artifacts designed for human control and vigilance, both centralised and on the planetary scale, looking into ways of using these instruments to manage and mitigate the climate crisis.

She has founded a collective and two newspapers, and she has written books on automatons, systems of notation for machines, and formats of collective production. She published El pequeño libro rojo del activista en la red (Roca, 2015), an essay and cryptography manual for journalists with a prologue by Edward Snowden, and El enemigo conoce el sistema (Debate, 2019), a bestseller on platform capitalism in which she links mobile phone addiction with the data-mining industry, as well as this device’s role as a tool for mass manipulation and control.

She was formerly deputy editor of and she was a member of both the advisory board for the Barcelona Biennale of Thought and the working group for Cyber Defence at the Spanish Centre for National Defence Studies. She writes for El País and Muy Interesante, she is a contributor to La Sexta channel on Spanish television, and she speaks on a weekly basis about technopolitics on the radio programme Las mañanas de RNE. Moreover, she runs the “(re)programming - Strategies for Self-Renewal” festival at the Aksioma Institute for Contemporary Art in Ljubljana.

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