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Maroje Mrduljas

Zagreb (Croatia)

Maroje Mrduljas

Architecture critic, editor of the Oris magazine and member of the Expert Committee of the European Prize for Urban Public Space since the 2010 edition.

Maroje Mrduljaš is architect, critic and author. His books include Modernism-in-Between: Mediatory Architectures of Socialist Yugoslavia, Testing reality – Contemporary Croatian Architecture and Design and independent culture. He contributed to several edited volumes like Holidays After the Fall and forthcoming Revisionst Architecture in Real Existing Modernism and published numerous texts on architecture, urbanism and design in Croatian and leading international magazines. Mrduljaš curated exhibitions Unfinished Modernisations – Between Utopia and Pragmatism, Architecture as Landscape, Continuity of Modernity and others.
In 2009 Mrduljaš established a long-term collaborative research platform Unfinished modernisations (with Vladimir Kulić) which investigates architecture and urban phenomena in the region of former Yugoslavia from post-WWII period till today.

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