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Lubica Fabri

Bratislava (Slovakia)

Lubica Fabri

Architect and designer, specialist on architecture of public buildings, publisher of architectural magazine "ADMAGAZIN"

She studied architecture at Bauhaus University Weimar in Germany, diploma work focused on architecture of public buildings. After 15 years working as architect and designer she founded in Bratislava the ARCHA matériO - Centre for contemporary architecture and materials. She is founder and publisher of the "ADMAGAZIN", a print and, recently also online magazine with focus on well-balanced spaces for life and sustainable architecture, especially of public buildings and public areas. Lubica Fabri is curator of many exibitions on contemporary architecture and design in Slovakia, Czech Republic and Austria. Since 2012 she works as director of the Timber Construction Show in Slovakia – the biggest event promoting high quality modern wooden architecture in the Czech and Slovak Republic - too. She his author of many articles on architecture and design and exhibition catalogues, currently finishing with the disertation at the Faculty of Architecture of Slovak Technical University in Bratislava. Member of the Prize Expert Comittee since 2016.

[Last update: December 2015]


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