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Kathrin Golda-Pongratz

Barcelona (Spain)

Kathrin Golda-Pongratz

Architect. Member of the Prize’s Board of Experts.

With a PhD in Architecture and Urban Planning from the University of Karlsruhe, she is a lecturer in International Urbanism at the Frankfurt University of Applied Sciences and also teaches Urbanism at the National University of Engineering in Lima, and at the La Salle School of Architecture in Barcelona. She is a member of the Deutscher Werkbund in Hesse, the German Association for Research into Latin America (ADLAF), the Association for Scientific Research into Planning and Building in the Developing World (TRIALOG), and the Architects’ Association of Catalonia (COAC).

She has carried out research into urbanisation processes linked with migration, Latin American urbanism, informal urbanism, and housing policies. She has published a monograph on Lima as well as several works on the city in Latin America, processes of transformation, and urban memory in Architectural Design, AUT, ur[b]es and MONU, among other journals. As a photographer, she has had several solo exhibitions in Peru, Germany, Argentina, and Spain. Her publication Landscapes of Pressure (2014) was a finalist in the Critical Thinking category of the FAD Prizes. In 2019, she presented her documentary Ciudad Infinita, Voces de El Ermitaño on processes of self-built housing in Lima.

Last update: March 2019

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