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Juulia Kauste

Helsinki (Finland)

Juulia Kauste

Sociologist, former director of the Finnish Museum of Architecture and member of the jury for the European Prize for Urban Public Space in the 2012-2016 editions

The sociologist Juulia Kauste is the former director of the Finnish Museum of Architecture (Helsinki) 2010-2017. She was based in New York for a 20-year period serving since 1997 as Executive Director of the Finnish Cultural Institute, where she produced and curated large scale international touring exhibitions in the fields of art, design and architecture. Her recent projects include such exhibitions as Eero Saarinen: Shaping the Future, Sauma: Design as Cultural Interface, F2F: New Media Art from Finland, Paper+Finland=Art, and Architecture in Between as well as a series of annual events under the title New Finnish Design organized in conjunction with the New York Design Week in 2008 - 2010. 

[Last update: December 2013]

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