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Juan Marsé

Barcelona, Spain

Juan Marsé

Novelist, journalist and screenplay writer.

Born in Barcelona in 1933, Juan Marsé is a member of the literary generation arising from children who lived through the Spanish Civil War. Without ever completing his studies, Marsé has produced an extensive literary oeuvre (novels, stories and essays) and has worked in a number of professions, from being a jeweller in his youth to being copywriter and screenplay writer, as well as working in advertising.

The cultural gap between the Catalan haute-bourgeoisie and immigrants from other parts of Spain in post-war Barcelona is a constant theme in his literary production. He has been awarded a number of prizes throughout his career, including the 1984 City of Barcelona Prize, the 2000 National Narrative Prize, the National Critics Prize in 1993 and 2006, and the 2008 Miguel de Cervantes Prize.

Notable among his works are:

  • Rabos de lagartija (Lizard Tails, 2000)
  • El embrujo de Shanghái (Shanghai Sorcery, 1993)
  • El amante bilingüe (The Bilingual Lover, 1990)
  • Si te dicen que caí (If They Tell You I Fell, 1973)
  • Últimas tardes con Teresa (Last Afternoons with Teresa, 1966)

Last update: January 2015.

Translation: Julie Wark.

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