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Juan José Lahuerta

Barcelona (Spain)

Juan José Lahuerta


The architect Juan José Lahuerta is head of collections of the Catalonia National Museum of Art (MANC). He has been lecturer on History of Art and Architecture at the Barcelona School of Architecture (ETSAB), as well as member of the Collegio Docenti della Scuola Dottorati at the Istituto Universitario di Architettura (IUAV) in Venice and holder of King Juan Carlos I Chair of Spanish Culture and Civilization at the New York University (NYU). He has been a consultant of Museo Nacional Centro de Arte Reina Sofía in Madrid (2004-2005) and senior curator of the Picasso Museum of Barcelona (2010-2011). Va was founder and director of  CRC: Galería de Arquitectura (Barcelona, 1985-1987) and founded the publishing house Mudito & Co. (Barcelona).

He has written numerous books on art and arquitecture of the nineteenth and twentieth centuries, such as 1927: La abstracción necesaria (Barcelona, 1989), Decir Anti es decir Pro: escenas de la vanguardia en España (Teruel, 1999), Le Corbusier: Espagne: Carnets (París/Milano/Shopfheim, 2001), Gaudí: Antología contemporánea (Madrid, 2002), El fenómeno del éxtasis: Dalí ca. 1933 (Madrid, 2004), Japonecedades (Barcelona, 2005), Destrucción de Barcelona (Barcelona, 2005) and Humaredas: Arquitectura, ornamentación, medios impresos (Madrid, 2010).

He has also published anthologies of texts by or about Gaudí, Giorgio de Chirico or Le Corbusier and he has edited the volume of essays Complete Works by Salvador Dalí. He has collaborated with numerous magazines from all arround the world and he has participated in the editorial board of such magazines as Carrer de la Ciutat (Barcelona, 1977-1981), Buades. Periódico de Arte (Madrid, 1986-87), 3ZU (Barcelona, 1993-1995) or Acto (Santa Cruz de Tenerife (2001-2008). He is currently a member of the scientific committee of the Casabella Milano-based magazine.

Finally, he has been curator of exhibitions as Dalí: Architecture (Barcelona, 1996), Modern Art and Spanish Magazines (Madrid, Bilbao, 1996), Margaret Michaelis: Fotografía, vanguardia y política en la Barcelona de la República (València, Barcelona, 1998), Universo Gaudí (Barcelona, Madrid, 2002) and Salvador Dalí, Federico García Lorca y la Residencia de Estudiantes (Madrid, 2010).

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