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Itzíar González Virós

Barcelona (Spain)


Itzíar González Virós

Architect, specialist on citizen participation and urban planning

Itziar González is an architect and urban planner, and works in urban degrowth, the optimization of public housing, the rehabilitation of historic urban centres and buildings in rural areas. Focusing on pacifism, feminism and ecology, she is an expert in mediation and conflict resolution processes in public space, and participation and cooperation between citizens and administration. She is former councillor for the Ciutat Vella district of Barcelona (2007-2010), a position she resigned in protest at a case of urban planning corruption. With UTE km ZERO, she won the 2017 international competition for the complete transformation of Barcelona’s Rambla and is President of the Citizen Parliament. She is also Director of the Cartographic Institute of Revolt.

[Update: 1 July 2020]

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