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Ilze Rukšāne

Riga (Latvia)

Ilze Rukšāne

Landscape architect and urbanist. Member of the Prize's Board of Experts 2024

Founding partner at ALPS (Atelier Landscaping Public/Private Spaces) which she opened together with Helena Gutmane and Marc Geldof on 2005. Ilze holds a diploma in landscape architecture from the Latvian University of Agriculture, a master's degree in spatial planning from the University of Latvia, and has studied garden design in London and Bulduri School of Horticulture and textile art at Riga School of Applied Arts. She is guest lecturer at RISEBA Faculty of Architecture and Design and has been guest editor for magazine Latvijas Architektura since 2009.

In her atelier she works mostly for public space development projects where her focus is on collaborative urban design and public space as a tool for social regeneration. Her special interests and heart belong to the concept of healing landscapes in its broadest interpretation. Ilze herself is wondering, because it seems that volunteering in different NGOs is the most heart warming and also the most exciting projects, e.g. in 2022 the Sporta Pils Darzi was one of the 5 finalists of The European Prize for Urban Public Space.

[last update: February 2024]

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