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Igor Kovačević

Prague (Czech Republic)

Igor Kovačević

Architect, director of the Centre for Central European Architecture, a professor at the Architectural Institute in Prague (ARCHIP) and member of the Expert Committee of the European Prize for Urban Public Space since the 2012 edition.

Igor Kovačević born in Brčko – SFRJ, in he 1992 changed braking down multiethnic country Yugoslavia for blooming central European region. He finished at 2000 finish studies at the Faculty of Architecture, CTU in Prague. Same year together with Yvette Vašourkova he established architectural studio Z architects which mutate during next ten years to architectural platform MOBA. In 2001 he established Centre for Central European Architecture (CCEA). These two formations are linked thought theoretical work and research projects. Focusing on Urban life and strategies they develops new forms of communication between architects, artist – specialist and city representatives.

[Last Update: January 2015]