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Francesco Indovina

Termini Imerese (Italy)


Francesco Indovina

Urban planner, writer and politician.

Francesco Indovina (1933) is one of Italy’s most distinguished urban planners. His long career is outstanding for his contributions in such fields as territorial, economic and social studies, university teaching, urban planning practice, and his political commitment to a number of left-wing organisations in Italy. In his thirty years at the Istituto Universitario di Architettura di Venezia (IUAV), he has made decisive contributions with his research on the processes of urban sprawl. He has also participated in the debate on urban planning practice with a long list of works including La città diffusa (1990), Il territorio derivato (Franco Angeli, 2004), Governare la città con l'urbanistica (Maggioli, 2005), La ciudad de baja intensidad (Diputació de Barcelona, 2007) and Dalla città diffusa all’archipelago metropolitano (2009).


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