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Cosmin Caciuc

Bucharest (Romania)

Cosmin Caciuc

Architect. Member of the Prize’s Board of Experts (2012-2018, 2024)

With a PhD in Architecture, he is an associate professor in Basics of Architectural Design, and Coordinator of Studies at the “Ion Mincu” University of Architecture and Urbanism as well as being an editor of, and writer for the architecture and urban culture magazine Zeppelin.

He has written several books on architectural theory, some of which received awards in the Bucharest Architecture Biennale (BNAB) in 2012, as well as numerous articles on the history of modern architecture, place studies, transversality of disciplines, urban culture, and intelligent cities. In 2000 he received the Architext Prize in the Essay section. He was also a member of the Scientific Committee of “In Between Scales”, European Symposium on Research in Architecture and Urban Design, which was held in Bucharest in 2016.

Last update: January 2024