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Cédric Duroux

Lyon (France)

Cédric Duroux

Cultural events curator, writer. 

Cédric Duroux has been curating cultural events for over 15 years. As a former program director for Villa Gillet (Lyon, France), he has curated international events which gathered artists, writers, thinkers and activists such as “Walls and Bridges: transatlantic insights” in NYC (USA) or “Mode d’Emploi : un festival des Idées” (in Lyon).

In 2016, he created the October Octopus agency, which offers a consultancy in cultural programming in the field of public debate and literature, in France and abroad. He has been developing cultural projects such as festivals, book fairs or symposiums with many different partners. 
Amongst his current projects: “À l’École de l’Anthropocène”, an international multidisciplinary event organized by the École urbaine de Lyon (France), which tackles urban issues in the light of global change, or “Explore – Festival de demain” (Geneva, Switzerland), an event focused on the topic of the city, public space and citizen participation in the age of global warming. He has also published a novel, Les animaux sentimentaux (Buchet/Chastel, 2016).  

Last updated: January 2022